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Founder's Letter to Parents/Students

Dear Parents,


My Name is Myles Thomas, I am the founder of R.O.N., I’m also the school’s Program Director. I built this school to help aid student- athletes who have aspirations of playing sports on the collegiate and professional level. I love sports, but that is not what defines this school. In this institution, the emphasis isn’t just to build a super athlete but to prepare our youth for the real world. When you send your son’s to R.O.N. they will leave much better prepared.  Our school isn’t your traditional school, although we share similarities in the educational sense; all of our courses are administered through our partnership with the, National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) accredited  program Academy of Sports Science. This makes our students eligible to attend prestigious institutions after they graduate from our school. Our curriculum is very flexible.  We not only prepare our students academically,  we prepare them for life as well. Growing up I had so many peers attend college, all great students, but ended up lost once they received their degrees. We are programmed to think education defines our intelligence, but in reality, it doesn’t. Education is merely a tool used to create or find your career.  My sole purpose is to make sure our youth gets every opportunity possible towards a quality education that is enhanced and ideally facilitated by the rewards of  athletic completion at the collegiate and professional level.




Myles W. Orange  Thomas