"Creating Leaders For Our Community"

R.O.N. Academic Commitment

Personal Standards 

As a student of learning, you must set high expectations for yourself. We challenge students to identify their own set of goals to achieve success. Each student is different but maintaining an academic commitment to excellence is a constant.

Throughout our decades of combined experience, our staff understands the importance of balancing clear and action-oriented instruction with self-ownership among students. 

Focused School Culture

We support our students in this approach by providing a rigorous academic program with a positive culture of achievement. Each student is encouraged to lead themselves through the R.A.I.S.E. approach , establishing an academic commitment to excellence while in school. 

R.O.N. Institute School  understands there is a multitude of ways to start a career, launch a business, or find continued academic pursuits after high school. Rather than pigeonholing students into the same coursework or expecting individuals to have the same strengths, we work with students to help them un cover their interests and curiosities. Whether their desires point toward college, vocational school, overseas intensives, or entrepreneurship, we help them set the foundation for continued success.

Self - Ownership

To be successful in achieving your goals, you must do the work yourself and take responsibility for the results!  Self-ownership can be intimidating and challenging for students at first, as many institutions that support them when they are younger perform a lot of the work for them. We have found that by demonstrating responsibility and making individual student excellence the benchmark, this not only fosters engagement but drives students toward more meaningful results. There is nothing like setting your own goal, mapping out the requirements, and reaching the finish line.  R.O.N. Institute  wants our learners to understand this process to give them a lifelong advantage,  so they can see the joy in both learning and personal improvement.