Creating Leaders Of Tomorrow

Developing Champions

Our philosophy is built around three key points:
 personal, academic, and social growth. By instilling
accountability and a strong moral compass, our student-athletes are
well-prepared for life’s challenges after leaving our institute. Between
our  mentors, coaches, tutors,  administrators and
other adult members of the R.O.N. family, your student-athlete
will never will go without help. He will always have positive encouragement and mentors promoting
character development and overall personal evolution.

Personal Development

We focus on life skills, peer-to-peer interactions, health, wellness and
leadership. With a sense of structured independence, we want to let
student-athletes take ownership of their life here. While they are
making these independent choices, a team of adults is there to provide
structure and ensure that student-athletes have the support they need to
make the right decisions day in, and day out.

Academic Development

Our staff works with student-athletes on time-management
and organization, cultivating good study habits. We make sure our students have
the proper academic support and tutoring they need.

Social Development

Through self-advocacy, being a positive member of a community and
positive peer-to-peer/adult interaction, we help student-athletes become
better prepared for college. A key component of this is having our
R.O.N. mentors help student-athletes see the best way to work
through issues, whether they are with roommates, with teammates
or in the classroom.