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Temperature Checks 

The R.O.N. Institute staff takes mandatory temperature checks  when students enter and re-enter the facility.. Students with an out-of-range temperature will be sent home.  

Sanitation Crew

R.O.N. Institute has a professional sanitation team that comes daily to sanitize the school in the morning and evening. 


R.O.N. students and staff are required to wear a mask in the academic hallways and classrooms at all times. Students are only allowed to take masks off during lunch and workouts. If students show up without a mask, they are required to purchase one for $1.00.

COVID Donations 

It is not mandatory that you donate items, however we appreciate and will gladly accept whatever you donate.  Suggestions:  air freshener, napkins, paper towels, toilet paper (dispenser size),  kleenex, water, hand sanitizer, hand soap, and detergent to wash  jerseys.