"Creating Leaders For Our Community"


Relentless Or Nothing Institute is in full partnership with The Underrated Talent Union Development Foundation 501 (c3)

Relentless Or Nothing Institute School 

Underrated Talent Union Development Foundation 501 (c3)


U.T.U.D.F. Mission Statement 

The specific purpose of this corporation is to prepare low-income, disadvantaged student-athletes for both academic and athletic success at the collegiate level. We aim to use sports and education as a vehicle to empower the community to become productive and accomplished citizens. We will create a program that offers both sports and education enhancement services. Our campaign promotes accountability for education, sports, fitness, and wellness without excuses in our daily lives. We seek to fill the education gap that lies between urban school’s curriculum and the immediate need for schools to produce talent that is prepped to attend and to succeed in college. Our program helps to build skills to qualify students for the future opportunities that will make them employable and reduce their risk of becoming impoverished, going to jail, or being shut out of the future jobs market.  Our mission is to support at-risk youths by encouraging, teaching, and incorporating these subjects in unique ways to make learning fun.  We also aim to make youths in our community more physically fit by providing programs that help lower the obesity rate. Our goal is to teach our participants how to take care of one's body through sports, nutrition, and exercise. We believe in educating all participants and empowering them to take a more active role in their lives. Each participant will have the resources to take control in regaining their health. We will create and implement unique approaches to incorporating fitness and health into the everyday lifestyles of youths. Our goal is to create program initiatives that support “at-risk” youths by creating positive structures in their lives that will ultimately help promote civic responsibility in the future. With encouraging lessons of good health, citizenship, personal accountability, and self-esteem, our organization believes that these are essential qualities for individuals to develop to live productive, self-sufficient, happy, and fulfilling lives. This will offer the community a long-lasting service by teaching participants valuable lessons that will improve the overall health of our future generations and that encourages them to be respected pillars in society. Participant involvement will help develop confidence, healthy lifestyles, life management, social skills, for low-income individuals that are underserved, handicapped, underprivileged, disenfranchised and disadvantaged. The Corporation will offer services that empower each participant with knowledge and resources to achieve greater self-identity, physical health, academic excellence, community involvement and balanced living. Our program gives underprivileged youths in our community a haven to be active, creative, and healthy. We will host events in the community that assist families by teaching these valuable fitness, health, and nutrition lessons as well.  The work of the Corporation will demonstrate that members of the community working together are a powerful force for improving their health which will ultimately benefit the greater community and make real changeWe understand that there is no more valuable resource in the world than our health, athletics, education, and opportunities. Our organization will also offer mentoring and encouragement, through sponsoring educational programs, sports training, professional training, advocacy, and supportive services that help uplift the entire community. We will offer business-based teaching, training and technical skills, youth scholarship awards, economic job skills, mentoring, tutoring, economic literacy, violence prevention, computer literacy, and crisis counseling for youths. The objective of the program is to improve self-sufficiency measures of good citizenship, personal accountability, and serve as a vessel for individuals to utilize and develop useful skills that will help them grow into healthy, dynamic, and successful members of society. Our program provides positive structures for participants and are designed to have performance indicators and measurable outcomes with leadership development services in all categories.


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