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Post Graduate Program

Post Graduate Program

R.O.N. Institute has a direct partnership with U.T.U. (Underrated Talent Union).  U.T.U. offers a post high school program,  referenced as a gap year. After high school, Student-athlete 's National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) eligibility years do not commence during this “Gap Year”.  This means that following graduation from high school, the student-athlete will have 1-year to compete while not losing a year of NCAA Eligibility. This offers student-athletes a unique opportunity to enhance their overall academic, athletic and personal development. 

Post Grad Program Overview

Post Graduate StudentTuition 11- Monthly Payments (July  - May) 
Inglewood Resident $7,700.00$700.00
Commuting Student  (Non - Inglewood Resident) $11,000.00$1,000.00
Boarding Student $22,000.00$2.000.00

If Interested In Enrolling, Contact Program Director Myles Thomas

Our Mission

The  U.T.U. Post Graduate program will focus on personal & professional development as well as health & wellness. We want to insure we  provide helpful knowledge and resources that will aid and empower players for professional opportunities on and off the court.

Post Grad Program Experience 

  • July - May (11 Month Program)
  • College / Pro level Basketball Training
  • Strength & Performance Training
  • 50+ Game Schedule 
  • College Exposure, Media, Scouts
  • Member of The W.C.P.S.C.
  • SAT / ACT Prep
  • Room & Board (Out Of State)
  • Meal Plan & Nutrition 
  • Schedule SAT/ACT Testing
  • College Courses are administered at local California Community Colleges
  • High School Transcript Evaluation
  • Register for NCAA / NAIA Eligibility Center/Clearing House