"Creating Leaders For Our Community"

R.O.N. Institute Athletics 

The R.O.N. Institute is dedicated to developing habits for success on and off the court, and field with collegiate/pro level training. We emphasize personal development of student - athletes in all areas of their lives using sports to promote the value of education, strong character, discipline, work ethic, and the ability to be a part of something special. 

R.O.N. Basketball

R.O.N. Track & Field 

R.O.N. Golf

R.O.N. Tennis

R.O.N. Institute Gorillas Basketball Program

The R.O.N. Institute basketball program focuses on position-specific instruction, a competitive schedule, year-round training and development. Through consistent communication and evaluations of student-athletes, their families will be able to see their progress. Our program features  various levels and age ranges to ensure each student-athlete has a competitive experience while learning against different team levels that will further develop their potential. Student - athletes that participate  in the basketball program will be exposed to elite athletic guidance. At R.O.N.  there is major emphasis on academics, career building,  and college placement. R.O.N. Institute student-athletes will have access to high class facilities and staff to ensure the pursuit of their goals both on and off the court.

During pre-season, student-athletes undergo an NBA-style combine testing evaluation to determine their strengths and areas in need of development. R.O.N. places a significant emphasis on strength and conditioning during this time before progressing towards game preparation and team strategies during the season. Throughout the year, coaches place an emphasis on individual skill development, small group training, and team workouts. Once the season concludes during June-August, student-athletes can take advantage of summer school, team training options, and innovative on-court programming to further prepare for the upcoming season.

High School Program Overview


R.O.N. Institute's National H.S. Team competes against:

  • Varsity High Schools
  • National H.S. Prep Schools
  • International Teams
  • Post Grad Programs
  • Junior College  Scrimmages 
  • NAIA  & DIII College development teams

Student-athletes enrolled in this program are aspiring to play collegiate basketball and at the professional level. Our training consists of intense workouts and team development that mirrors an elite collegiate program.

CAA Open Division

The R.O.N. CAA National will compete against regional and national programs and also take on a challenging seasonal schedule.  Student-athletes have an opportunity to gain collegiate exposure during showcases and tournaments. R.O.N. Institute is also a proud member of the C.A.A. Open Division. (Canyon Athletic Association) 

Regional  Varsity

The R.O.N. Regional  will compete against regional programs and also take on a challenging seasonal schedule.  Student-athletes have an opportunity to gain collegiate exposure during showcases and tournaments. 

Middle School Program Overview

R.O.N. Junior National 

R.O.N. Institute's Junior National will play a year round competitive club schedule. Our middle school program provides student-athletes with the chance to develop and prepare for their progression towards the  Varsity or National team. Middle school student-athletes will be exposed to high-level skill development and training that builds a foundation for incremental growth.