School Policies

R.O.N. Dress Code

Training Dress Code

  • Athletic Attire
  • No Earrings
  • No Durags
  • No Chains
  • Basketball Shorts
  • Sweatshirts/ Hoodies
  • Sweats/Joggers
  • Tights are allowed
  • T - Shirts
  • Dri Fit Shirts
  • Long Sleeves
  • Basketball Shoes
  • Running Shoes
  • Cleats (Different Surface Conditioning)

Academic Study Session Dress Code

  • No Baggy Cloths
  • No Big Shirts
  • No Sagging
  • No Ripped Clothing
  • No Pajamas
  • No Flip Flops
  • No Slippers
  • No Hats
  • No Durags or Skull Caps
  • No Beanies
  • Socks must be worn at all times

R.O.N. Grade Requirements

Each student athlete is required to keep a minimum  2.5 GPA ,  in order to be eligible to compete in contests.

R.O.N. Attendance Procedures

Attendance is taken daily for each class. It is required that a parent/guardian  document an absence, late arrival, or early departure for his/her son.

1. To report a planned absence: If you know your child will be absent in advance, a parent needs to call the attendance line at (Number Being Used),  to let us know the student’s name and reason for the absence or present a written note, stating the reason for the absence to the main office. Notification via email will not be accepted.

2. To report an unplanned absence: If your child will be absent, please call the attendance line at (Number Being Used), as soon as possible for each day your child is absent. Notification via email will not be accepted.

3. To report a late arrival: If your child is arriving to school after the start of the school day, call the attendance line at (Number Being Used)  as soon as possible on the day of the late arrival or your child must present a written note, stating the reason for the late arrival, to the main office before attending class. Notification via email will not be accepted. The student should always report to the main office to check in when he arrives on campus.

4. To report an early departure: If your student must leave class early, call the attendance line at (Number being used),  ahead of time or as soon as possible on the day of the early departure or your child must present a written note, stating the reason and time of departure, to the main office before attending class. Notification via email will not be accepted. Students who must leave the school grounds for any reason during the school day must check out with the main office before leaving, as well as be signed out by parent/guardian

5. Parent Out of Town: If the parent will be out of town or will be leaving the student with another person,  the main office needs to be notified in writing in advance as to who is the temporary guardian and where that person can be reached during the school day.

Private Campus

R.O.N. Institute is a closed campus during regular program hours. In
order to ensure a safe and secure learning environment for our student
body,  all parents, visitors, and guests are required to check in and be
issued a visitor’s pass before entering the main grounds of campus.


R.O.N. Institute provides a shuttle service to variety of locations such as

  • Training Sessions
  • Games
  • Study Sessions 
  • Field Trips
  • Community Service

Electronic Devices

Electronic Devices Students may only use their cell phones before
school, during  Nutrition, during the lunch break, and after school if
they are outside of the building. During the times when cell phone use
is not permitted, cell phones must be silent and kept out of sight. A
cell phone will be confiscated if it used while inside the building
during study hours. Phones will be returned at dismissal.

Grounds For Disciplinary Actions

Grounds for disciplinary action: Students are liable for disciplinary action for, but not limited to, the following infractions:

1. Leaving campus for any reason without permission from the Director. No counselor is allowed to give permission to a student to leave campus without prior approval of the Director.

2. Truancy. missing study sessions.

3. Profanity anywhere on campus.

4. Unacceptable attire or appearance.

5. Receiving a discipline referral from a counselor.

6. Being asked to leave any study session because of disturbance.

7. Running, chasing, or wrestling on campus.

8. Not following the directions of the staff at any time

9. Eating or drinking (except water) during study sessions

10. Any other minor conduct violations for which a student is referred to the Program Director.

Grounds For Suspension

Grounds for suspension: Students are liable to be suspended for, but not limited to, any of the following:

1. Verbal, written, or electronically transmitted messages and/or physical behavior of a racist or prejudiced nature. Students who continue racist and/or prejudiced behavior are liable for dismissal.

2. Fighting, bullying, or the threat of physical violence.

3. Throwing anything on campus that could cause injury or damage.

4. Excessive speed on or near campus and/or reckless driving.

5. Possession or use of tobacco or vape products (cigarettes, marijuana,  vaping devices, or chewing tobacco) on campus or school transportation.

6. Possession of pornographic materials including any inappropriate materials accessed over the Internet or electronically transmitted

7. Use of technological devices to record or distribute photographs, video, audio, messages or conversations of R.O.N. Institute  personnel or students without their consent.

8. Damage to school property (i.e. graffiti, removing school locks).

9. Any other action deemed serious, at the discretion of the Headmaster.

Grounds For Dismissal

Grounds for dismissal: Students are liable for dismissal from R.O.N. Institute for, but not limited to the following:

1. Possession of, or being under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, or any other form of dangerous and illegal drugs (i.e. federally controlled).

2. Stealing.

3. Destruction of school property.

4. Flagrant insubordination or disobedience.

5. Any type of continual or repeated harassment of a verbal and/or physical nature, regardless of when or where such action takes place.

6. Fighting, inciting violence, threatening harm to others or engaging in violent discourse.

7. Cyber Bullying

8. Possessing or handling any object that can reasonably be considered a weapon of any kind.

9. Serious or chronic infraction of the rules of R.O.N. Institute.

Emergency Disaster Plan

We will distribute a registration form, asking the parents to provide
emergency/disaster information with a number of options available for
the release of their son  after an emergency or disaster. The
information provided will greatly increase our ability to quickly and to
safely dismiss the students when we are confronted with an emergency
situation. We ask parents to carefully consider the choices and to
discuss those choices with your son , as we will act according to the
instructions provided. Parents, faculty, and staff will be notified in
the event of an emergency or unplanned event that would be threatening
to the safe commute of our students and faculty and/or causes early
dismissal, school cancellation, or a late start. Classes will not resume
until such time as the R.O.N. Institute administration decides that it
is reasonably safe for commuting to the campus and attending classes

Student Photographs / Videos

R.O.N. Institute is very proud of the positive activities, honors and
achievements of our students. Student photographs/video images may be
taken for use such as school newspapers and newsletters, school websites
or broadcasts (with the understanding that the child’s full name will
not be published on the internet when an image is posted), and/or
publications for R.O.N. Institute advertising for the purpose of
showcasing the accomplishments of our students and/or promoting our
school , there may be situations where your child is
photographed/videoed. We understand, however that some parents may have
objections to this. If you do NOT want your child to be
photographed/videoed, please notify us by emailing  and we will contact you to complete an Opt
Out form.