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Relentless Or Nothing Institute Tuition 

Student - Athlete Academic Year 2021 - 2022

School Begins: September 7th, 2021  | School Ends:June 23rd, 2022

Tuition Breakdown

Student - Athletes (6th - 12th)Tuition (10) Monthly Payments  (September - June)
Inglewood Residence Student $4,500.00$450.00
Commuter Student (Outside The City Of Inglewood)
 AOP Student  (Athletic Opportunity Program)$8,000.00$800.00
Boarding Student (Meal Plan, Housing, Transportation, Travel Fees)




$100.00 Late Fee will be billed after the 1st

Inglewood Resident Students 

Students-Athletes who live in the city of Inglewood must provide proof of address with a Parent/Guardian Name on 2 of the (3) Documents below: 

  • Utility Bill
  • Cellular Bill 
  • Internet Bill 

Additional Fees

Damage Deposit (Boarding Students Only): A one time deposit of $500.00 will be charged in case of damages to team house. The Deposit will be returned at the end of the prep year, if no damages have been done to the house.

Student Stipend It is REQUIRED that you provide your child and monthly stipend (year around) for hygiene necessities,  if they choose to live at the team house. R.O.N. Institute School  DOES NOT supply these items. We do however make weekly trips to the store to ensure that our students are able to purchase these items.

Travel Fees: (Commuters/Boarding): It is Required for parents/ guardians to provide their child with a stipend for snacks, meals, and hygiene necessities for trips.  

The R.O.N. School Experience 

Tuition includes private school education, high level sports training, national exposure, extracurricular activities and life changing experiences. 

 R.O.N. Institute Academic Registration 

  • Academic Curriculum (First/Second Semester)
  • Mandatory Payment 
  • Secure Student Academic License
  • School Uniform (3) T-Shirts ,  (1) Formal Shirt  (1) Sweat Pant ,  (2) Shorts , 
R.O.N. Registration: $1,800.00